Privacy Without Boundaries

Mobility and the cloud continue to change how we communicate, collaborate and connect.

Every day billions of people share and exchange information, photos, videos and conversations, creating an endless stream of digital bits that continuously traverse networks around the globe. These bits drive business transactions, communicate ideas and ensure our freedom of expression. They should never be compromised, breached or hacked.

At Protected Mobility, our aim is ensure your privacy and safeguard your data. Based around the world, our team of cryptologists, scientists, and engineers have developed an array of technologies to protect communications and secure information. Our products allow for only you to have the keys to decrypt communications and information and have been battle-tested by the most advanced security-sentitive organizations and nation states.

Its not only the type of encryption we utilize, but how it is applied and our commitment to maintaining transparency, simplicity and ease-of-use.

Protected Mobility Ethos

Privacy is a right, regardless of your race, creed, nationality, or religion. Our technology offers the fact that ONLY you and your intended recipient have the keys to decrypt, enabling you to control your communications and information security environment across platforms and devices.